Mandheer Pabreja

Mandheer Pabreja / Area Manager (SK)

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive which domination. At the end of the day going new normal



+1 (306) 261-1152

Key Skills

Java, Python, AWS Cloud, GCP


IT Consulting, System and Application Architecture

Short Biography​

  • Lead technical developer and technology mentor with strong initiatives having almost 10 years of proficiency in IT Industry building award winning platforms and applications.
  • Involved in entire SDLC phases of distributed software development using agile methodologies.
  • Strong in Java, microservices, Python, NodeJS, Angular, on-premises, serverless and AWS Cloud with distributed enterprise applications.
  • Strong experienced in software Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Documentation and Maintenance of custom application software while execution of project in Web-based environment, distributed n-tier architecture and Client/Server Architecture using Java, J2EE technologies.
  • Experienced in Application Assessment and maintenance of Microservices architecture applications using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud config, AWS, and Restful Web Services.
  • Created and developed system applications utilizing standard concepts, practices, and procedures.
  • Worked with stakeholders and cross-teams like business analysts, quality assurance, and project management resources throughout the delivery of solutions.
  • Mentored and nurtured team to overcome impediments quickly. Given estimates and refined them as part of an agile project.
  • Implemented creative solutions and analytical abilities to realise idea to execution. Build application prototypes based on requirement analysis, created architectural designs & participated in knowledge transfer sessions with clients.
  • Used test-driven & agile processes/practices for project and application development.
  • Evaluated targeted technologies for business, economic and technical applicability to cloud architectures that the company successfully adopted.

Expertise & Skills

  • Languages/Methodologies: Java, Multithreading, SQL, NoSQL, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, Javamail, Shell Script, XML Deployment Descriptors, Python, Linux
  • Web Technologies: Spring, XML, JavaBeans, XSLT, CSS, SAX, DOM, RESTful, SOAP, Apache Camel, JSON
  • Cloud Technologies: AWS Cloud, Lambda, EC2, Elastic Container Service (Docker), Elastic Kubernetes Service, Relational Data Service, DynamoDB, Identity Access Management, ElasticSearch Service, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Lambda, Simple Storage Service, Application Load Balancer, Route 53, Step Function, Batch, Simple Queue Service, Simple Notification Service
  • Database Technologies: SQL, Hibernate (Oracle, SQL Server), noSQL (DynamoDB, MongoDB, MarkLogic)
  • Software tools and Utilities: Tomcat, SoapUI, Git, Putty, TortoiseSVN, SQL Developer, IntelliJ.
  • UI/ UX : HTML, JSP-servlets, Angular
Web Development
Backend Development
Cloud Infrastructure

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Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination going forward, a new normal that has evolved simply